SUNSON has kicked off

The project started on the first day of this month and will have its Kick-off Meeting in Brussels on 18 January next year. SUNSON proposes a breakthrough in the field of solar power generation (S2H2P). For this, 6 partners from 4 different countries will be involved over the next 3.5 years. IDENER’s role will be mainly global, acting as co-coordinator of the project, in charge of the overall administrative and financial management of SUNSON. In addition, IDENER is the main developer of the SUNSON-Tool model integration and DEC activities and replicability for stakeholder engagement.

The prototype will be designed, developed and validated as a modular, ultra-compact and decentralised solution for solar power generation with a volume 10 times smaller than current concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies, which efficiently store solar energy as heat for on-demand electricity conversion, but will not only provide a unique solution, but will also integrate novel approaches to solar radiation conversion technology, thermal energy storage (TES) at ultra-high temperatures above 1. 200 °C and solid-state conversion technology based on thermophotovoltaic (TPV) generators.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the project is linked to the growing interest, not only at European but also at international level, in the integration of renewable energy sources (RES), solar energy conversion and thermal storage, to scale up and demonstrate new technologies.

Finally, to conclude by defining this project as a revolutionary compact CSP and RES conversion technology to generate energy efficiently with a modular approach, increasing its cost-effectiveness and extending the fields of application of conventional CSP to boost the EU economy by promoting net zero emission electrification for CSP to reach the 2050 target.