PHOTO2FUEL has started


The PHOTO2FUEL project has started this September and its Kick-off Meeting has been in our city, Seville. This project aims to develop an innovative technology that converts CO2 into fuels and useful chemical products by means of non-photosynthetic microorganisms and organic materials, using only sunlight as an energy source.

The Photo2Fuel technology is based on the concept of artificial photosynthesis and will use a hybrid system of non-photosynthetic micro-organisms and organic photosensitisers to produce acetic acid and methane. Natural sunlight will be used during the day and artificial light from solar energy previously stored in batteries (excess sunlight) during the night. In addition, a solar concentrator will be coupled to the reactor to maximise conversion and stabilise fuel and chemical production, even with variable solar flux. The Photo2Fuel project will also investigate technologies for the separation of the main products (acetic acid and methane) and offer solutions for high separation efficiency.

To this end, 8 partners from 6 different countries will participate and present their activities during the next 3 years of the project. Furthermore, we are fortunate to be the coordinators of this project, so our interventions will be mainly focused on ensuring the correct development of the project and, in addition, to carry out the general coordination activities, the administrative and financial management, the development of the data management plan and the ethical requirements.