“Elders Up!” project Kick-off

The project “Elders Up!” funded through the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL) started officially on 1st July 2014. The Kick-off meeting has been held in Paphos, hosted by GeoImaging Ltd on 3 and 4th July. During this two days, the partners have had the chance to discuss WPs implementation, financial, management and technical issues to be considered in order to carry out a successful project.

The main idea behind “Elders-Up!” project is to bring the valuable experience of elderly to start-ups and small companies, addressing intergenerational knowledge transfer to use skills and competencies based on experience. “The Elders-Up!” project will build an ecosystem for collaboration on which these two groups are the main actors thus strengthening the European experts workforce and maintaining their productivity and usefulness to the society. Moreover it will create a system which adapts to the age-related cognitive limitations that the elderly may suffer in order to provide them with a user-friendly and easy to use tool which allows them to work collaboratively with other elderly for assisting small companies with their knowledge.

The project has recently launched its Twitter account and the website will be operative soon. Main partners involved in this project are: Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas del Sur S.L. (ISOIN), Optimización orientada a la sostenibilidad S.L. (IDENER), GeoImaging Ltd, CleverCherry Ltd, Elderly Care Center “Agia Marina”, Stockport City Council, Connectedcare services b.v.