Learn about LighCoce Project

During the last decades, a trend towards the use of lightweight materials in constructions and infrastructures, as well as for the aerospace, automotive and defence industry is observed. Lightweight durable components are easy to transport, handle and install and demand less operational energy reducing substantially their environmental footprint, as well as the relative costs. Among other materials, concrete and ceramics are on the focus of interest due to their wide range of applications and their durability.

LightCoce project aims in offering an open-access Ecosystem for upscaling and testing multifunctional lightweight concrete and ceramic materials through 5 upgraded Pilot Lines (PLs) (targeting to Concrete, Conventional and Advanced Ceramics), as well as characterisation facilities, process modelling, quality assurance and monitoring, and standardisation, safety and innovation management services that will be accessible to the interested customers at fair conditions and cost.

Check out the LightCoce_brochure to learn more about the project.