About us.


Who we are

IDENER is a private research SME company composed of a team of researchers with a sound scientific background in disciplines comprising the branch of systems engineering, such as electronics and computer, systems integration and control, and process engineering.

The company, located in Aerópolis Science and Technology Park (Seville, Spain), was founded in 2010 by a group of PhD holding engineers. From that time forward, IDENER has positioned as a valued partner of top European Research centers, Universities and technology firms.

Some of our numbers

Ph.D.-holding engineers in our team: 64%
International research income ratio: 87%
Turnover increase with respect to 2020: 48%

What we do

We investigate in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Science and its application to the optimization of systems and processes in key areas: Industrial Technologies; ICTs; Biotechnology; Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy; and Resource and Raw Materials Efficiency. This approach results in a high added value which sharpens the competitive edge of complex systems by providing improvements in performance and cost effectiveness.

To that end, we at IDENER integrate concepts from four interrelated and complementary areas of knowledge: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation; Multidisciplinary Design Optimization; Control Engineering; and Software Engineering. This way, we aim to contribute to the progress of AI setups and to update systems and processes in key areas in response to these incremental developments.


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