Project Description

BioGREEN project aims the development of the first integrated green biorefinery in Spain. BIOGREEN is focused on the development of biorefinery concept using high performance, non-food crops to obtain high value added compounds such as bioplastics, acetate membranes and fertilizers. BIOGREEN project aspires to contribute to boost bioeconomy concept and the integration of circular economy model in rural areas improving their competitiveness.

IDENER contributions

IDENER applies here its Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO) algorithms in order to conduct the following tasks:

  •  MDO development:   MDO development using mathematical models 
  •  Process optimisation:   Process optimised design through the use of outputs from MDO strategies in order to carry out conceptual design and basic engineering of the proposed solution 
  •  Market tool:  Development of a tool for market replication of BioGREEN concept
  • Project Details

    • Date 18 July, 2017
    • Tags Biotechnology, Expertise area, ICTs, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Public - National
    • Partners Norvento, Agroambd Prodalt, Galchimia, Biot, AINIA, CETIM
    • Project cost 1182800
    • Start date 2016-10-01
    • End date 2018-12-31
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