Terapia Urbana.

Development of Control System for Active Living Walls

Project Description

This project is aimed to provide Terapia Urbana, a technology-based company integrated by architects and engineers, with advanced control tools suited to improve their Active Living Walls. Specifically, Terapia Urbana applies urban greening and sustainable architecture concepts as tools for improving environmental conditions and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings. Their patented systems integrate nature in cities combining gardening, landscaping and bioclimatic architecture. With them, Terapia Urbana manage to obtain important energy savings while improving indoor environment quality.

Terapia Urbana’s Active Living Walls use a forced air flow through the substract, which considerably enhances the passive living wall benefits. They act as ecological air conditioning systems and biofilters and, when integrated with the building’s air conditioning installations, they can lead to reductions in HVAC energy consumption of up to 30%.

IDENER contributions

Active Living Walls require appropriate maintenance and subsystems management in order to achieve a susscessfull operation. Because of this and to sustain cost reductions, extensive monitoring, failure detection and remote control are needed so as to obtain real time information regarding humidity, temperature, fertirrigation levels and irrigation pressure. Thanks to this, saving in expenses of displacement of employees, maximum efficiency for conservation, and correct operation are obtained. To reach these ends, systems developed by IDENER include the folowing characteristics and capabilities:

  • Wago PLC cored control boxes.
  • IEC 61131-3 programming.
  • Remote management and supervision through web-compatible SCADA systems.
  • Advanced measurement techniques for improved soil moisture humidity readings.
  • Advanced control algorithms for room temperature and humidity control with efficient energy usage.

Project Details

  • Date 29 September, 2013
  • Tags Control Engineering, Environment, Private
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