High efficient factory based on complex concepts in the digital mockup

Project Description

“HEFESTO” project aims to develop a planning structure for the aviation sector through the use of a virtual mockup, with full traceability in space and time with the product structure. The planning structure will be integrated with the PPR (Product, Processes, Resources) one so the information available from both elements can be exploited. This 3D-based technology will provide a competitiveness advantage allowing to use a planning structure independent of the product structure but keeping the traceability of the later. Besides the aviation sector, this concept will be generally applicable to all labour-intensive industries which produce small series and have low repetitiveness.

Moreover, and as a consequence of the previously mentioned development, the HEFESTO project will develop neural-network based tools for the predictive management of risks. This technology leap will remove the subjective component of the risk evaluation and will improve the risk quantification, providing thus a competitive advantage in the aviation sector.

IDENER contributions

  • Research and development of a planning engine based on deterministic concepts
  • Management of the planning of assembly lines with shared resources
  • Inclusion of random, statistic and stochastic concepts in the planning engine
  • Replanning algorithms aiming to return to previously defined plan in case of incidences during the production


This project has been co-funded by “European Regional Development Fund” (FEDER / ERDF)through the programme “Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020” and by the “Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity” through the “Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)” (Exp. ITC-20151126)

Ministerio de economia y competitividad

Project Details

  • Date 1 July, 2015
  • Tags Industrial technologies, Public - National, Software Engineering
  • Programme FEDER INTERCONNECTA 2015
  • Project cost 2.299.240,01 €
  • Start date July, 2015
  • End date December, 2017
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