Development of a Mobile Robot for the Entertainment Industry

Project Description

The development of “MUNAKY” system for Events and Leisures company is our first foray into the entertainment industry, which indeed makes use of quite sophisticated technologies. Specifically, and jointly with the Andalusian Association for Research & Industrial Cooperation (AICIA), we developed  a mobile robot looking like an stuffed animal so that children can ride in its back. Despite its apparent simplicity, the technologies developed for this project cover a wide range of disciplines and require a seamless integration of hardware and software.

Specifically, the “MUNAKY” platform is a modern and technologically advanced entertainment platform which main market advantage is the integration of state-of-the-art telematic and remote management concepts. As for the client, a Munaky family is composed by five to ten robo-toys (in which children and their parents can take a ride) and a central communication unit. In the background, an elaborated telematic platform performs a strict control and planification, which allows owners, renters and service staff to monitor historical and current usage statistics on real time.

Additionally, the developed robo-toys have unique advantages when compared with market competitors. Regarding their structure, improved design and traction system now allow for higher carried weight support (>180Kg). The platform also includes very useful features such as obstacle avoiding system, voice interaction (with ride-personalized child name), background music and capacitive buttons.

Involved Technologies

  • Wifi, 3G and 802.15.4 integrated networks.
  • Arm based own designed control boards.
  • Remote update, monitor and debug techniques.
  • Centralised on-site control system through tablet interaction by using an Android application.
  • EMI reduction techniques for better integration of capacitive sensor.
  • Distance control and obstacle avoiding systems through ultrasonic range measurement modules.

Project Details

  • Date 29 September, 2013
  • Tags Control Engineering, Other, Private, Software Engineering
  • Start date June, 2012
  • End date September, 2013
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