Project Description

The WHAM project aims to optimise water consumption in the steel manufacturing processes using a holistic solution: the combination of a flexible on-line monitoring and optimisation platform and innovative water treatment technologies. The optimisation will be addressed mainly by two approaches: 1) development of a system capable of monitor and simulate the plant water network considering physical/thermal/chemical quality of the current water network status, analyzing potential upgrades and its benefits; 2) development of effective cleaning technologies both in term of water quality and management costs.

IDENER contributions

IDENER will collaborate in the development of mathematical models for the elements present in the water distribution networks of the end users, and combining those mathematical models, IDENER, in collaboration with CSM and supported by all members will be part of the development of a holist model of the overall analysed plant areas, combining the individual models into an unique solution. This global model will be thoroughly tested in order to ensure that it provides a high level of accuracy. For this purpose, historical data of the different facilities included in the project will be used for validation purposes.

In order to be able to integrate the developed models into the overall solution, IDENER, in cooperation with SSSA,  will create the basis for the WHAM platform, designing the required software. The goal is to develop the core elements of the WHAM platform, specifically those related to the model development and customisation, and integrating into an overall solution the different tools related to the Modelica framework that will be used.

IDENER will also work on the development of interface and communication procedures for platform integration. The aim of this task is to develop all the features necessary for the integration of the WHAM platform in the referenced plants. Analysis of the sources of information and definition of the architecture of communication between the elements of the solution and the plant data will be the main activities.


Project Details

  • Date 22 February, 2019
  • Tags Chemical Engineering, Energy, Environment, Expertise area, Funding type, ICTs, Industrial technologies, Modeling and Simulation, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Public - EU FP7 / H2020, Public - H2020, Raw Materials, Research area, Software Engineering
  • Programme RFCS-2017
  • Partners RINA CONSULTING-CSM, IDENER, FERRIERE NORD SPA(FENO), Brochier Technologies, Scuola superiore di studi uiversitary e di perfezionamento sant'assa, Dalmine Spa, Sofi filtration oy, Arcelormittal innovation investigacion e inversion SL
  • Project cost 1295890.92
  • Start date 1st September 2018
  • End date July 2022
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